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About us

Who are we?

Human Rights Everywhere (HREV) is an affinity group bringing together friends working to defend and promote human rights on a number of different fronts. Although we have official NGO status in Luxembourg and Panama, we are not a typical NGO. Our organisation serves as an umbrella for many people to collaborate in building a fairer and more equitable society.

The main processes which HREV is engaged with involve information management (scientific, cartographic, journalistic…), as we believe that that there is a need to provide social struggles with knowledge and to raise awareness of other perspectives, other realities.

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Otramérica ('Another America') is a new form of digital media. It is one of few of its kind, as it concentrates on Latin America and the Caribbean, with all its articles focusing on the countries of the region and the world’s view of them, and their view of the rest of the world. A different perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean, free of the traditional prejudices imposed by a Eurocentric viewpoint and by the dominant discourse of its neighbours in the North.

Otramérica is a not-for-profit initiative of the non-governmental organisation Human Rights Everywhere and a group of independent journalists with alliances with civil society organisations in various parts of Latin America.

Our principles are:

  • Independence: Otramérica is not answerable to any economic, political or religious group and, as a result, can operate from a position of complete independence. This independence does not mean that we are impartial, as we will always focus on communities and the public interest, rather than on private interests or those of the establishment.

  • Intellectual honesty: Within this framework of independence, we declare our commitment to intellectual honesty. In practice, this means that we will always openly state the position from which we are writing, publishing or expressing ourselves, rejecting the false liberal concept of objectivity which has historically hidden hegemonic discourses behind a mask of journalistic detachment.

  • Analysis and interpretation: Otramérica is not a medium for up-to-the-minute news coverage but instead aims to be a medium for ‘necessary interpretation’ and analysis of reality. We believe that the obsession with immediacy in journalism, and for live news in the broadcast media, has inflicted incalculable harm on the quality of news content and has contributed to the fragmentation of information which has inevitably resulted in information overload and active disinformation.

  • Interdependence: Events do not happen in isolation, just as we humans are not in a state of sovereign individuality. The analysis and texts of Otramérica must explore the interrelationships between countries, communities, economic, political, cultural and social events, people…. It is a journalistic imperative of this project to connect and reconnect the universe of processes, rather than simply report a series of incidents.

  • Human rights: we of Otramérica have an explicit political position: we are a progressive medium, promoting and defending human rights in any corner of these troubled regions - Latin America and the Caribbean. We are supporters of fairness, social justice and participative democracy.


Otramérica forges alliances throughout the region with civil society organisations, the alternative media, collaborative networks, etc as we firmly believe that the more we collaborate, the better we are. If your collective or organisation wishes to collaborate or ally itself with Otramérica, please do not hesitate to write to us.

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